January 24, 2008

Your Yoke

I wrote about gentleness here.

Here is my prayer tonight.

Lord, Your yoke fits perfectly. Thank you for it and for teaching me gentleness and humility this week. Thank you for opening my heart and eyes. In doing so, I have found peace. You showed me how we carry the load together. We have twice the strength when we have each other.

All I have to do is follow and obey. No longer will I look at the vexed Wal-mart worker and be agitated. I will be gentle. I will have a open heart to the gas-station worker, who is struggling just to pay the bills.

I will no longer dig in stubbornly and claim my rights.


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ThankfulMommy said...

I'm just now getting to your page - I've been having some internet troubles. Thanks for stopping by my page...I'm so new at this I wasn't sure if I'd have any visitors! I love your thoughts on gentleness. I've also thought and prayed about the same thing.
I'll be stopping by often! (By the way, I love "I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose." Cracked me up!)

Sharon Brumfield said...

It is amazing how at times His peace overwhelms us and we are at rest "without" a reason.
This was a good post. Good reminders. Can you imagine how many yucky people walmart worker face daily?
Poor things.

Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

Great advice and the exact thing that we here at our house are trying each and every day to follow. Still not much work here for hubby!! Bills are going to be coming due. Today is our 44th wedding anniversary though..YEAH!!


Pennies In My Pocket said...

This is a wonderful post and a great reminder. Thank you for that!


Zaankali said...

I could add alot about claiming my rights. This is a lesson still being learned by me. Nancy Leigh DeMoss in her book Lies Women Believe talks about this lie "I have my rights" the truth is "Claiming rights will put me in bondage. Yielding rights will set me free." So the lie that "I have a right to take a shower without being interrupted by kids fighting and thinking they need mom to fix it." I have to remember that maybe that is God's will for me today and I need to teach my kids something right then. Can you see I could go on forever. If you haven't read that book I highly recommend it. "The only way to get off that kind of spiritual and emotional roller coaster is to yield all my rights to the One who ultimately holds all rights. That is the Truth - and the Truth will set us free." Isn't that great!
BTW-Come get your award.

Halfmoon Girl said...

This is a great reminder. We never know what others are going through- even if they are outwardly being crabby and impatient. A soft answer can change things. I don't know if I will have time to post my cozy corner. I actually don't have an official one yet- I climb on my bed. We have a spot for one though, just waiting for a soft chair. I am packing for trip, so we will see if I get my pic up!

Annie said...

Great post Hope!
I hope your weekend is blessed.

Anonymous said...

Yes we need to put on gentleness, every morning, and that is hard, but i am learning we reap what we sow. If we want people to be gentle with us then we need to sow gentleness into them yes? great post, thanks:)

Denise said...

His yoke is easy...... and the one that I wore for years weighed me down and took my strength........ Great post.... thanks.......