September 5, 2008


This poem was in my evening devotional reading.

Lonely hearts long for love,
While each day rushes by.
Weary souls have no love,
Yet each day rushes by.
Take a smile, pass it on,
When you go hurrying by.
Say a prayer, do a deed,
For each day rushes by.

Unknown true....the day RUSHES by fast!!!

My prayer tonight:

Dear Lord,

Slow my feet down, slow my head down, slow my hands down, slow my thoughts ....just slow me down. I run around all day trying to get things done. What have I done for YOU today? Not as much as I could have/ should have and I am sorry. Please forgive this rushed around...burned out (at times) mommy. I am sure you gave me opportunities to do your bidding today ... but I missed them ... I was BUSY. Help me to listen to your voice. SLOW ME DOWN!!! LIFE IS RUSHING BY TO FAST!!!

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Halfmoon Girl said...

Thank you for the reminder!