September 4, 2008

It's The Bway Way

I am honored to have a guess writer today. Her name is Judy. She is the extraordinary author of several novels, plays and short stories. Honestly, her credentials are to innumerable to list.

The only one that matters to me is - She's my friend -- my BWAY friend.

I am Judy. I strive to be dignified. I have a reputation to uphold, one in which I make no mistakes. Faux Pas not allowed!

Be that as it may, when people become exceedingly familiar in the process of blooming friendship, warts begin to show, hair becomes less coiffed, conversation loosens, garb begins to resemble the last decade’s castoffs, and ultimately friendship is replaced by “family.” Therefore, today, when I spewed coffee halfway across a breakfast table surrounded by friends, I knew I had arrived. I had acquired that serene perfection of one who has lost her dignified mind in favor of family.

It happened in the simplest of ways. Several of us had been laughing for an hour about silly things. Bob uttered a nonsense word three times on the tail of some other nonsense uttered by Larry just as I lifted my coffee cup and filled my mouth. So, quite unattractively, I spewed. Coffee hit milk cartons and plates, coffee cups and table linen, myself, Hope and Bob, ad infinitum. Happily, Andrew and Larry were spared.

I am now without dignity. The others are always happiest when I am dignity free. I am glad to oblige, and to them I say ditto.

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Anonymous said...

I love the friends that I can be myself with completely too! Flaws and all.