September 10, 2008

Did you Know...

God Treasures You?

When you feel worthless
He will develope your abilities

When you don't feel beautiful
He reminds you of your inner beauty He gave you.

When you feel unworthy
He shows you His Love and instills worth in you.

When you wept over your sins
He forgives you.

When you have tried and failed
He bridges the gap.

When you think you have nothing to offer
He see your potential.

When no one else seems to care
He does. He is enough.

My thoughts on you Lord: I praise you for treasuring me. Thank you for reminding me from your word this morning that you treasure me.

Do you believe God treasures you? If so, share your thoughts in the comment area, who knows who you will be a blessing to.


Jingle said...

And it's a good thing, too! Sometimes I'm not so good at treasuring myself, so it's great to know that God always does it!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Isn't it amazing that I look at myself sometimes and see a mess, but God loves me with an everlasting love. This is a hard concept for me to grasp sometimes.

Amelia Antwiler said...

I'm glad I'm God's treasure... I know I get a bit tarnished at times...and He's still loving me.

And I'm so glad.

Anonymous said...

God is our Heavenly Father that comforts and cares for his treasures in all circumstances! That is such a great reminder. (I found your blog through the moms blog.)

A Stone Gatherer said...

Jesus loves me this I know! For the bible tells me so! He shows me everyday!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am a daughter of the King!! Highly Favored and loved!!
Great post Hope:)

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

This was really sweet. He does treasure us- just as we love our children with every fiber of our heart, He loves us even more- more than we could ever know.