August 26, 2008

My thoughts are on the Lord

My thoughts are on the Lord tonight.

Dear Lord,

You are the center of my life. I'm filled with exceedingly great joy. A joy that wells up within me and overflows. Troubles may come up. Circumstances may seem impossible to overcome, but joy is at the center of my being. When I'm bone-tired (which I am) Your joy, Lord is my strength. Thank you for teaching me what is important in life. It isn't a smooth-flowing life with no trails or stress (although I long for that!) It isn't perfect happiness and plenty riches. The important thing is to stir up goodness, kindness, peace and joy, generated by your Holy Spirit.

In good times and bad I have learned to praise You. As my praises go upward to You, new joy fills my heart. The more joy I pass on to others, the more You refill me with unquenchable joy. My joy in You remains!!!

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