June 20, 2008

Economy Raises Revenue

My ship won't come in except through the Straits of Economy.

I can increase my wealth by decreasing my wants. I can raise my wages by lowering my expenses. I can have more by wanting less. What I make is not as important as how I handle it. This requires efficiency, planning and the maturity to stick with it.

Economy does not mean no spending - it means wise spending. Frugality the view that a thing not needed is to high at any price. And believe me there are so many things I don't need!


Anonymous said...

Amen. and Amen!
There are so many things I don't need too!

Anonymous said...

Your last three posts are GREAT!! we do serve a MIGHTY GOD who will supply all our needs!! Amen sister!!

aline said...

A to the Men - quite true, wise words. There's a ton we don't need, a ton we can save, and a bit we can hold back on. Will power, some juggling and we can make it work!
good post!

Jane said...

Amen to that!

Hey, thanks for your comment on my angel food cake. :)
I really like your site & the posts I've read.
We do serve an awesome God!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Very well put!

Anonymous said...

So true! Sadly, many of our country's current economic problems are due to people trying to live above their means. How much better we would all be to be satisfied with MUCH less!

Kim -today's creative blog said...

nice to see you.
I love this post! So true.