June 19, 2008

Be Slow In Giving Up The Old

I often wonder how people can so easily reject that which is called old; old truths, old principles, old concepts even old slogans. Nothing is bad because it is old, and nothing is good because it is new.

Whatever has been so relevant as to outlast the ages deserves more than a hasty rejection. Look at the rubbish heaps of new ideas, painfully discarded and stacked higher and higher, before you remove the ancient landmarks. Think about it. Those markers don't stand without purpose.

Though we call ageless truths "OLD", actually they are younger than youth. That which defies time never age. hmmmmmm something to ponder.


gina said...

thought provoking post- you should kirtsy it.

aline said...

THAT is so true, I really agree with you there. I'm new to your blog but I'll be checking back for updates, you seem like a lot of fun!

Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

You have been quite thought provoking lately haven't you? Nothing wrong with that..In fact, it is good to hear how you REALLY feel. Keep up the good thinking..
Blessings, Sandy