February 17, 2008

Where is the Key?

Where is the key to a close relationship with Christ? Is it begging Him for His presence? Reading the Bible for hours throughout the day? In sacrifice and service? Do any of these things earn merit in God's sight? How about long prayers?

Through my own life I have asked these questions. Haven't we all at some point?

The answer: Christ

I had to allow Him to turn the lock to every room in my heart, then fling wide the door and let Him enter. He already knew about the hidden dirt and dust bunnies in the corners. He was well aware of thoughts and actions that displeased Him. I asked Him to bring His broom, mop and plenty of soap. There was lots of cleaning to do.

Jesus is not a mere image or lovely picture on the wall. He is a living Saviour. He wants to be our dearest Friend. When Jesus is totally welcome to EVERY room in our lives, we will know His presence and be able to walk closely with Him.


Anonymous said...

Oh that is so good. Yeah EVERY room, not just the ones that show. . Love it, preach it sister:)I needed that!

Anonymous said...

That is so true Hope.
amen and amen.

Unknown said...

Lovely reminder for me, I need a good cleaning daily!!! Thanks for this post..

Shari said...

What a good devotional for the day. Thank you.

Melissa in Mel's World said...

I thank God for that each and every day!

elexisb said...

Beautiful post.