January 9, 2008

Boldness To Do Right

Boldness from God is:

To fear not when giving your all.
To shun not when risking for Christ.
To shrink not when standing for right.
To waver not in honesty and integrity.
To limit not the capacity to love.
To squelch not enthusiasm for Christ.
To seek not the limelight lest you fall.
To heed not those who speak wrong.

God's Holy Spirit helps us:

Be bold for the truth in His Spirit.
Be bold to serve Christ in His Spirit.
Be bold to tell of God's love in His Spirit.

Be bold!

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Melissa in Mel's World said...


I am standing on my chair raising my arms in confirmation with you on this!

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

LOVE this. Thanks!

Leslie @ Joy n Pain said...

Did you write this? I like it!

by the way I tagged you for a Meme.


erin said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing :)