November 30, 2007


this little house made from a milk carton is my favorite Christmas decoration. It is the most precious to me. My mother- in- law gave it to me 14 years ago as a Christmas gift. But that is not the best part. My hubby made it in first grade for her with his loving little hands. She had saved it all those years in order to give it to his future wife.

How about you? Do you have a favorite? l would really love to see pictures and/or hear your stories. Please comment or email me.

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Annie said...

I have several favorites... a little raggedy ann I got at a dirty santa party years ago. I am not sure why it's so special but I love it. I also love the little silver frames from land's end that have photos of the kids and are engraved with their names. They looked so cute so many years ago. Funny how each ornament brings back so many memories!

Melissa in Mel's World said...

I am super sentimental, which is a nightmare when it comes to taking the Christmas "stuff" down from the attic.

I have an ornament that my sister made for me when we went to Grren River, Kentucky back in the early 80's.

I hate an ornament that my great grand-aunt made for me when I first got married (it is really scary looking, so I usually put it in the back of the tree, but it IS there!). Ha!

I LOVE to have lots of special ornaments all over my tree!!! ;)

SimplyBillie said...

Oh my! That is so sweet that your MIL kept it for so long!

Anonymous said...

That is so so so sweet ... what a sweet MIL to give you such a precious gift!

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