November 29, 2007


I eavesdropped on my 11 year old daughter the other day. She was in her room playing. She was singing praise songs unto the Lord. (let me tell ya, the girl can sing) In between songs, she would have a regular conversation with God. I thought someone was in there with her at first. She was asking Him what He would like to hear next.

In that moment feelings of joy and gratitude welled up inside me. This is because nothing blesses a mother's heart like witnessing her children engaging in true worship. I knew I was on hallow ground as I observed this precious moment in my daughter's relationship with her Creator.


Amelia Antwiler said...

Oh, that is a treasure..and a definite heart moment.

Annie said...

How beautiful!

Melissa in Mel's World said...

Oh my goodness, there is nothing more amazing that witnessing your children truly engage in authentic worship with the Creator of the Universe! I love it!

My 11 year old is on the Kids praise team, plays in a Christian garage band (my garage), and writes his own worship songs. It always amazes me at how deep their affection for the Lord truly is...sometimes I even envy his simplistic passion.

Unknown said...

WOW!!! God is truly her Hero! What a great feeling to hear your daughter Worshiping our Lord!