November 9, 2007


I have never been on a blind date. I have never meet a blogging mama. Well, guess what?? I did both today. I had the awesome privilege of meeting Sue at Praise and Coffee.

We ate at Panera Bread (another first for me) Hey, what I can I say...I don't get out of my cage much. The French Onion soup was lip smacking and the coffee was divine. But the best part was her company. The lousy part was....time went by to fast. Sitting with her you get a real since of her passion and devotion for the Lord. If you don't know Sue yet, take a minute and go visit her at Praise and Coffee.

Sue, Thank you for a wonderful time. God is using you in a mighty way. My prayers are with you.

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Praise and Coffee said...

I had so much fun!

Did you hear that Toni said we could pass as cousins!

Annie said...

I saw that over at Sue's place earlier and was so jealous (in a good way :o)
I'm glad you had such a nice bloggy meeting! I ♥ panera! YUM.

Sharon Brumfield said...

Thanks for stopping by-I've seen your name on some of the blogs I go to. I am glad you and Sue got to meet. It is fun to put real faces and personalities to the women we talk to almost everyday.
I love LOVE love Panera. They have some of the most incredible bagels.I only get to get there about once or twice a year since they do not have any in our area. And yes...that's a good thing. :)

She Rose Up said...

Great that you got to meet a great teacher and fellow blogger IRL! This is the second lady I have seen today talking about meeting with other bloggers...we should have a conference in 08 for Christian Women Bloggers - saw you over at Mel's loved the name!

Great site!

Unknown said...

I love the french onion soup there. I usually get that and a half of Asiago chicken sandwich. YUMMY!! Glad you guys had so much fun!!

Sharon Brumfield said...

We would love to have you join us for -- Be A Blessing This Christmas.
Please feel free to pass the word.I look forward to see all the great ideas. See you Monday.

Sheri said...

So glad that you and Sue got to meet! It's a blessing when you are close enough to meet the friends you make in this wonderful world we call "bloggerland."

My Trendy Tykes said...

Sounds like so much fun!


millcreek said...

How nice! It's wonderful when people connect.

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