September 19, 2007


Things I am thankful for

1. Accumulation of Laundry: We have clothes to wash.
2. Dirty Dishes: We have eaten
3. Icky Floors: We have healthy child who run in, out and all round.
4. Cob webs: We can enjoy nature inside. wink*
5. In door plumbing: Come on everyone has to be thankful for that!!!

On a serious note:

How could I ever keep up with all the good the Lord does for me? Again and Again he comes to my aid. He always knows what I need before I ask. He is tender and sure. When I need a friend, He sends one. When I need advise, He provides it in His word.

I love it how He reminds others to pray for me. ME!!!

When I fall, He picks me up. When I'm weak, He step in and is strong for me. When I'm in trouble, He guides me through. When I'm sorrowful, He comforts me. He is just so GOOD and I'm glad He is in control.

Do you want your heart encouraged? Go here on find out what others are thankful for.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and God honoring post. and yes, even for indoor plumbing and indoor nature.

I like you so much. I need to visit more often and get to know you. Hope I can do that this week. I can tell we would be great friends. Blessings, Lynn

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing your TT!:)

Anonymous said...

yah we should be grateful for those little things God given us. thanks for sharing.happy TT!
mine is up too.

Denise said...

Big or small, Gods blessings are awesome. Be blessed.

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Great post! You made me smile with the truth of it all. Enjoy your week!


Anonymous said...

What a funny, yet true post. Its nice you can be thankful for dirty dishes and laundry. Can you spread some that to me?!?!

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank God He is in control and He doesn't change...

Susanne said...

I love it!!! Thanks for helping me put my crazy life (and messy house) into perspective!! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Have a wonderful day!

Nise' said...

I am loving your attitude! You are so right!

Aunt Angie said...

INDOOR plumbing---how could I forget!!!
I loved your post...and am sorry about your brother, but glad the Lord is helping you on this "day" his birthday. (I read that post first)
Back to your thankful list, it was very encouraging! (Glad to know other's have bits of "nature" inside their homes as well!)
Be blessed :)

Angi said...

Yes, Romans 8:28 is so right - all is for good. Laundry, dishes, toilets . . . . even nature indoors! Thanks for the reminder!