September 21, 2007


WARNING: This post is fragmented. That is because my thoughts are.

Today is my brother's birthday. If he were alive he would be 44. However, the Lord chose to take him home on May, 30 2006.

I think of him all the time, but not in a sad way anymore. I have prayed the Lord would allow me to remember the way Robbie was.

My thoughts were engulfed in the tragic way he was killed for so long. With the Lord's healing I am now able to think of the good times, happy times, and funny moments with him. Like when he called me at 4:00am yes am, on my birthday so he could be the FIRST to wish me a happy birthday.

So with that, Happy Birthday Robbie
I will see you again someday!!!

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Mandalyn said...

I didn't know you had lost your brother! I'm so sorry! I'm so glad you can think/remember the good times! I bet you have wonderful memories of him!:)

Anonymous said...

I, too, did not know your brother passed away...I'm so sorry!!

It's good to remember the happy times with those that we've lost.

I think it helps take away some of the sadness.

I'm sending hugs your way!!

Praise and Coffee said...

Oh sweetie...((((hugs))))


Annie said...

Birthdays and anniversaries can be hard.

Autumn said...

My prayers are with you xx

Halfmoon Girl said...

I am glad you can remember the happy times.