September 28, 2007


No, I have not fallen of the face of the earth for anyone wondering. I have been lost in many thoughts this week. I have not been up to blogging. I have not visited any of my regular reads. My apologizes. My thoughts have been very fragmented. Like my last post stated and like this one seems to be.

Have you ever wonder.....Why you do certain things....what purpose do they hold? Well, blogging has fallen into that group. Blogging can be a BIG time waster. It can suck you in for hours and hours (if you allow it) and I have. I do not believe this little blog will ever be read by more than a handfull and I can never see how it could make money. So what is the purpose???? What is the Plan? Are their others of you out there who have gone through what I am talking about? What decisions did you make about your blog.? Did you change your focus? Maybe that's what I need -- a focus??? Should I stick to home school stuff, treasure hunting, vintage yummies that I love to collect, decorating, funny things we seem to do as a family. Does a blog even need a focus? These are some things I have pondered. Don't get me wrong I would love to make money at this but, I let's be realistic. I don't see it!

How about you? Do you stick to a plan with your blog? Just wondering??


Annie said...

Sometimes I think the same things you talked about in this post... I think I use the blog to vent... and maybe socialize. It is something I can do while taking care of Izzy. I don't think my blog follows any plan or order. I used to do a lot of meme's and haven't been doing as many lately. Even though my blog isn't read by a lot of people, I really like the people who do read it :o)!

Unknown said...

I do know what you mean.Sometimes I actually go to delete my blog and think about just clicking the button and be done with it.Only recently has there been any interest at all at my blog,and it comes in spurts.And it takes so much out of me.Recipes,pictures etc.I wonder if it is worth it at all.But then again,if not for my blog I wouldn't have you as a friend,right?Keep your chin up.And call me if you need to hear a real voice and not read a computer screen! Hugs from your friend in PA!

Amelia Antwiler said...

Oh, goodness.
I'm WAY behind in my reading.

I don't think my blog follows any plan or order. It's just what happens to be on the top of my brain on those moments I can blog. Sometimes it's been stirring for a while...but mostly what you see is just it.

I totally understand about the purpose that you're wondering about. For me, everything I've been reading has been about a deeper level of commitment with God. I don't really think BLogging fits in that category. :-)
I'm quite content with it falling to the wayside - except when I see I've missed a lovely conversation with you.

Hope you find your answer.

PS - I've had to focus more on school and house - no one else picks up off the floor. *LOL*