September 10, 2007


Today was a "Back to the basics" day. My kitchen helper and I canned 10 quarts of tomato's. We went from this:

To this

To this

My little helper came up with the idea to put the cute fabric and ribbon on the lids. I think it is a nice touch.

As I watched my daughter's hands work -- I could not help but STOP and observe her in awe. Her every move reminds me of my own.

I am humbled that the Lord has given me such a special little soul to love and guide through this life.

I am honored to have the privilege of passing this tradition on to her.

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Mandalyn said...

Those tomatoes look wonderful! Your daughter was right--the fabric on top adds a certain *cuteness*!!

Praise and Coffee said...

Awww, what precious memories you are making!
I love your new picture- I know it's been up a while but I keep forgetting to say that.

Blessings and hugs,