September 10, 2007


and what it reminds me of. Post your guess -- if you are right you win!!! I don't know what at the moment ...But I will send you something.

However, there is a catch. Only one person (I think) can answer this question correctly. She is my oldest (not by age just length of time I have known her) and dearest friend. I know she reads my blog, but has never commented. So here is your chance dear friend. It's can comment under anonymous. I will never tell who you are.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry this is not a guess ... I just wanted to ask if you'd received my email regarding the book on my blog?

Anonymous said...

Sorry we're not doing very well with email!! :-) I tried resending the one I sent but incase it doesn't work - here is what I said:

"Hi Monkey Giggles :-)

Thanks so much for your comment. I was really touched to hear your family's story and I think without a doubt I should send you my spare copy of this book. I don't know if anyone else will comment on my giveaway, but if they do I'll send them my own copy and get another. I just feel this book is made to be shared.

Would you please email me your address and I'll post you the book on Monday?

Thanks & God Bless

Suzy "

Anonymous said...

There's now a contact me form on my blog, but my email is

erin said...

My guess is rain :)

Amelia Antwiler said...

Applause for You!!!