August 6, 2007


I Have to Say is hosting Back to Homeschool Week to share why we homeschool and other fun tidbits .

I don't know how many of you actually know that I do homeschool. I have not posted much about it. To be honest with you I have been wishy washy here at my blog...NO focus. Maybe it is because of summer...or maybe it's just how I feel things are right now ----wishy washy. However, with school starting back in the next few weeks, my life will get re-focused in a hurry.

I love to homeschool, I love the lifestyle it allows us to live. For our family it WORKS.

Homeschooling is not for everyone.
The school system (private or public) is not for everyone.

I am grateful I live in a country that affords me the opportunity to make an educated decisions to pursue what is best for our family.

I have been homeschooling for 7 years. When my husband and I starting looking into our schooling options, the conversation kept going back to homeschool. I really did not think I had what IT took to homeschool (what ever IT is).

I did tons of research :

1. Went to homeschool conferences

2. Read "How to Homeschool" books

3. Searched the internet

4. Joined Support Groups

5. Went to book fairs

6. Read more books

7. Talk to friends

8. Talk to family members

9. Talk to teacher friends


I should have had praying at the #1 spot. I did more of that than any other.

I was overwhelmed -- however, I still was convited to do it. How can I argue with God. If He thinks I can -- Than I can. I know if the Lord was not in this it would NOT WORK for us.

Having said all this-- It is one of the best decisions we have made. NO REGRETS!!!

What I will be posting for the coming week:

Monday, August 6---What led to your decision to homeschool?
Tuesday, August 7---How do you homeschool?
Wednesday, August 8---Getting out there...
Thursday, August 9---If I had only known...
Friday, August 10---Curriculum

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Barb said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog.
Yes, my 16 yo still picks up the legos every now and then.
It is a wonderful thing to have the freedom to homeschool, choice, and there are so many homeschoolign varieties out there. It can be overwhelming. I'm looking forward to the rest of the week's entries.

Anonymous said...

You are right---If God thinks you can, you can! He is the One who equips in this adventure!

Anonymous said...

we homeschooled but then I needed to help support the family financially so the kids went to public school. We live in a conservative, christian, suburb so our school is just wonderful HOWEVER my daughter will enter jr. high next yr. so we are again talking about homeschooling and praying God will show us financially what to do. I can not fathom my girls in jr. high...such a TOUGH place to be.
peoople used to think to homeschool you needed a farm and a around here it is VERY popular and very easy to find networks. First time to your blog but I put it as one of my favorites!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you know this, but I work for the local NBC affiliate in Arkansas. We're actually thinking of doing a home school story the popularity of it. And, that's so funny that we were talking about it in our editorial meeting & then I click on your blog & here's a big post about it.

Hope you're having a good Tuesday.

My Trendy Tykes said...

I have got to get my lesson plans finished. UGH! I can not belive summer is almost over.
I don't think we are going to start our lessons until the second week in September due to our move.


Beckyb said...

If I knew that about you - I had forgotten!! How fun - and we've both been at it about the same amount of time!! Keep it up - sounds like it's working for you all!!!