August 7, 2007


1. Wear flip-flops to a junk yard.

2. Wear a skirt in Chicago

3. Under estimate the power of a Habanero Pepper

4. Take six teenagers to Cedar Point Amusement Park

5. Substitute water for milk when making Mac and Cheese

6. Buy a Windows PC computer

7. Own leather furniture and cats at the same time

8. Speak without thinking

9. Loan money to a relative

10. Put stickers on my microwave (they melt)

If you want to play along go over to Ya no what I mean.

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Becky said...

GREAT list! Very random and obscure - the best kind! Happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

OMGOSH...laughing so hard. I can definately see the flip flops and junkyard being a bad could relate to each one

Amelia Antwiler said...

My FIL would totally be chiming in on #3. He said that they brought him one that he didn't know what it was - and while the rest of the family were rolling and laughing - he could not get the "hot" out of his mouth or throat. :-)

Loved the list so much!!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Ok - gotta ask - why no PC? I'd love to know before we invest again one day :)

Cute list - love the flip flops and junk yard one! Bet that was interesting.

holy chaos said...

what a neat blog you have!

I have thought and thought about homeschooling. people ask me all of the time if I do. they figure that I must since I have 6 children! i wish that i could and that it would work for me!

I like your list. #8 is one that i need to remember hourly... well. actually every minute.

Anonymous said...

haha! this a perfect list! i Love #6---Apple=Virus Free all the way baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i luuurv my macbook pro. i would lick the screen but, ummmm that's nastee right :) LOL

#9---friends either! ya know what i'm saying! LOL