May 15, 2007


This is my next commitment to a simpler life style. Again, I didn't say easier or faster...just simpler.

1. Posted Monday.

I was SO frustrated today...I went to get the weed whipper out. First time this year. I had to jump through multitude of hoops to get the little rascal running. Find the twine...twirl it around gadget ---get the right mixture ratio of gas and oil. Prime..several time...pull cord some the chokey thingy pull cord ... keep repeating until running. I thought, "hmmmmm, there has to be a simpler way to trim around these rocks." It came to me--- I had purchased these handy dandy grass clipper from a yard sale some years ago. They work great. I should have some great looking forearms by summer's end.



*Tanyetta* said...

i want to get back to basics. i really do. one day. :)

Susanne said...

Hey I remember something like that when I was a kid. And we used to thing it was fun to sit along the edge of the lawn and "scissor" it off.

Kim said...

My weed thing is broken right now. I hate to admit it, but it never occurred to me to use shears. I have some I use for the bushes. I will have to get them out and trim the yard with those...great exercise benefit! Thanks for visiting my blog earlier. Have a great day!

Nadine said...

I like the name of your blog. I found you on Kim's Candor. Using shears are tough. Good luck with the garden. I'm not much of a gardener.

Carey said...

I would love simpler living...cant wait to hear how it goes for you, adn your ideas. If only i could get rid of the tv...that would be good.

Praise and Coffee said...

I'm with you, I give up on that stuff!
I have a little hand saw that I use for runaway shoots that I can't cut!

Pastor Ron said...

What a concept. I think I will follow suit and take a look at our complicated lives and see how i can simplify t. thanks for the great idea! Oh yeah you have been tagged to complete ameme!

Lisa Knight said...

Congrats you won the "Perfect Blocks in minutes" book from my Sew What's Up blog giveaway!

Don't think I have an email address for you so email me at lisa dot knight at hotmail dot com.

We have to use the weed thing, thankfully it actually worked this time! I think we violate some obscure zoning rule if we don't... so hard to tell these days they keep changing.

As soon as the Sabres are done playing hockey & the Sopranos are over well cut the tv package WAY back. As far as we can and still get Discovery. My kids are addicted to Myth Busters!

Congrats again!

Annie said...