April 9, 2007


Last week I wrote a post titled "CRUSHED BUT NOT BROKEN" in it I shared my grief stricken heart about the tragic and sudden death of my oldest brother. If you are at all interested in reading one of several news articles written about the accident you can go here.

I want to thank you for your comforting comments. I truly appreciate them so much!

In spite of my trails I have faced..I am blessed and thankful to the Lord for being so wonderful. However if I may be honest....For the first couple months it was extremely difficult to praise the Lord for this in my life and my families. ( If any of you have ever lost a loved one suddenly and/or tragically you may know what I am talking about. )

This is when I learned to keep my thoughts and heart squarely on the Lord. The Lord's will IS being revealed through this. I know I must be patient, humbled and surrendered.

I realize we aren't promised a life of ease. (My dad always said, "We are not promised a bed of roses") . In the midst of my trails I have committed them to the Lord again and again.

I am working on NOT calling this a trail any longer. Instead I want this to be a trail turned inside out, transformed into TRIUMPHS!

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Unknown said...

So sorry about your brother. I'll keep you in my prayers.