April 23, 2007



You all know the drill, your kids always have a list as long as your arm of things they want and of coarse things they want to do.
And as "Good Parents" we try to, within reason to fulfill their needs and wants. This is not wrong. But, here is the kicker !

Our family went to our local city park a couple of days ago to enjoy the spring weather.We were riding bikes and playing on the jungle gym. It was a good time. As we were riding out of the park to leave, I over heard a mother telling her 2 sons it was time to go. One was pleading to stay... saying "Mom I don't want to leave-we don't get yelled at here".
Now normally you/us/me would just keep going and think nothing of it. But,when you really stop and ponder what was going on there, it makes your heart sink.
Here is a child that is not concerned with the latest bike, the coolest clothes or any other object. His focus was "not getting yelled at" or in other words "Peace, love or quietness", you fill in blank. One can only imagine what is going at home.
I think often times we focus and allow are kids to focus on the wrong things or for sure don't thank GOD for the right things. After all when all these things are gone all we have is each other, And if we don't have each other and our relationships what do we have? Well, Nothing!
So, if you have a peaceful home-Thank GOD for it and teach your kids to thank GOD for it as well.


Beckyb said...

Wow - great post - sure makes one think..... thanks for posting it!!

Looney Mom™ said...

That's really sad. I grew up in a violent home so ANYWHERE was better.

Betty@On the Journey to Victory said...

What a neat way to look at that situation.

Thanks for sharing.


Praise and Coffee said...

Awesome! Great post!!

Cheryl said...

I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing these wonderful thoughts.