March 10, 2007


Saturday ! Cleaning Day! Due to this past week of parting, things just swelled right up on me. Well, no school for the kiddies and a house that needs to be cleaned (not to mention a mountain of laundry). Perfect combo! "Oh kids want to spend some quality time with mom and dad........" But here's the thing - As your cleaning, dusting and just being a busy little worker bee, you look at your computer and think , "I need to post, I need visit, I need Blog! I don't want to be forgotten!" But, The reality of needing clothes to wear sets in.... We made it "Spic and Span" house! Quick, ruuun to the computer! I ran to the computer....just to give 5 bucks away! Alright a deal is a deal!

Well FoFo finally got those names taped back together and the winner of Saturdays drawing is
Larae over at The everyday Rambling of a Northern Southern.

Who says bloggin doesn't pay!

Here the answers from the review yesterday.

1.Christopher our youngest son (monkey)
2.Snake size maybe good for soup too!
3.Why Clicks of coarse : )
4.Paper, So we can draw pictures for FoFo land.
5.3 Human, 6 total (human /animal mix.)

Our freebie for the drawing on Sunday is Lipfinity lipstick by Max factor (you know the story-It's good stuff !) Lipstick again !!!-I know It's "LAZY". Hey, we have a lot of it !

Today, rather than ask you questions.We would like you bloggers to tell us a little about yourselves, were nosey!

Todays topic: Pets! Tell us, How many? How Cute? Etc. Even post a picture if ya like !

Post by Sunday 6:00 pm Sunday to be in the drawing!

At or near 6:00pm Sunday FoFo will draw a name from a vintage Roseville Futura Vase, "You break it,You buy it buddy"

Have a blessed Sunday!
Remember FoFo says: "You can pick your friends, you can even pick your nose! But, you can't pick your friends nose!?!?


Ashley said...

Your posts crack me up! Saturday was cleaning day for me too, unfortunately, only half of the house got cleaned...hmm, wonder how that happened ;)

Rae said...

Ooo, I won?! Awesome! I didn't even get back around to answering the questions :( Whoops, sorry! I did know two of them though! =)

I love your sense of humor, I'll definitely be adding you to my blogroll sometime this week, if that's okay with you! (Sometimes I'd rather blog than wash clothes/clean my house too..shh!)

Rae said...

Oh & P.S. do you have an email address where I can email you my address?? =)

Dustanne said...

Lets see, I think I slept most of
As for pets...I have 2 cats, a dog, a rabbit and a bearded dragon. Used to have a guinea pig too but she passed.
Hope your Sunday was fun.

ps...I don't think the house gets clean until I do my bloggin, and man those clothes...does anyone know of a good 'folder & put awayer'?

Jess said...

I am definitely not on time, but I thought I would share anyway. We have two cats whom we named Oscar and Emmi. We actually got them from our neighbor which opened up a friendship that is interesting if nothing else. They started out with one momma cat and now I think they have closer to 10 cats. They are very cute and have very different personalities and they are very much a part of our family.