June 3, 2009

She was loved

by someone -- at some time ---- some whereand now I plan on continuing to love her.

She got a good scrubbing last night

I'm dreaming of a light face lift for her.

Any ideas?


Laura said...

Definitely a little spray paint and some new toile fabric on the cushion! Nice chair!

Kimberly said...

Nice bones!
You can do all kinds of stuff with a chair like that!

Have fun with it!

Kathy said...

Beautiful chair! Love the caining. Should be able to patch that little hole on the right arm without too much trouble. Then a little spray paint and a new cushion and you will have a great treasure. It could be made tolook very cottage chic or really dressed up. Nice.

Heidijayhawk said...

i would love her too! amazing what a bit of paint might do!

Megan/Brassy Apple said...

GREAT chair! I would love to get my hands on that baby and transform her! have fun!

Angela said...

Oilcloth for the pillow part, light tan for the caning and some kind of coffee color for the rest