March 23, 2009


Joyride, originally uploaded by Bella Seven.

It would be so fun to cruise around on these vintage bikes. Wicker baskets filled with flowers, fresh air and the wind in your hair. Thank you to these flickr photographers .1. Italy0458, 2. Planted bicycle, 3. Bicycle basket, 4. DSC01126, 5. MAINO 1930, modello BALLON, 6. Yellow Bicycle (detail), 7. MAINO 1926, tipo Campionissimo, 8. DSC_1623 bike flowers.jpg, 9. Ross tank bike, 10. Bicycle basket, 11. Bicycle, 12. Vintage bicycle, 13. Bicycle Basket, Beaufort, SC, 14. pink bike, 15. Bicycle with Flowers, Rhinebeck, New York, 16. Italy1295

Happy Monday to you!


Laura said...

I guess I'm vintage because several of those look like the one I had growing up!

Anonymous said...

I cant decide if I like the pink the best or the yellow with the basket.
Very cool and Happy Monday to you:)

Halfmoon Girl said...

so pretty!