February 16, 2009

Life doesn't need to be so gloomy

Good Morning,

Today I am going to cherish the gift of humor. Life doesn't need to be so gloomy. Spirituality doesn't always need to be so serious and somber. Learn to see the humor in life. Look for it. Find it. It's there..and then enjoy it. Surround yourself with people who like to laugh, people who enjoy life.

There is something magnetic... something healing about being around people who let themselves laugh and laugh often.

my sister-in-law and her 13 seconds of fame.

What makes you laugh?


Nell said...

My husband. Being with him always ends in laughter. We had a whole night of simple, fun, gut busting laughter on Valentines Day. It was lovely, perfect, wonderful.

And I so adore that video! lol


Anonymous said...

My son makes me laugh all the time! Kids are wonderful at living in the moment! My husband makes me laugh--and so easily, and so quickly too! My friend Amy can tell a story like nobody else, and you will be smiling the rest of the day! And let's not forget the furry friends we have in our families...when the horses are running, kicking and playing when the rain or snow is new---and those expressions on a puzzled puppy face....all wonderful warm fuzzies that make us laugh!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Life makes me laugh...funny quirky things that I see or that people do. I have to laugh at myself alot, otherwise I would drive myself nuts. cute video- we loved doing that as kids and now my children crack up doing it too.

Unknown said...

My predictaments of despair and chaos can make me laugh! I know it sounds weird but when bad things in my life happen, I almost always can see the humor in it. In general though life makes me laugh, my hubby, kids, pets, friends, situations, LIFE

Amelia Antwiler said...

Laughter can come at just the most random of moments. :-) it makes life sparkle among the "Life".

I just made a quote that I like. :-) You read it here first!!

Carolyn G said...

MY hubby. We both have the same sense of humor and we just say the silliest things sometimes that we just burst out laughing. We always do running commentary on the news and TV shows and movies and we crack up. After 15 years, we still make each other laugh and smile.