January 27, 2009

My life is but a weaving

secret knitting, originally uploaded by seejanebe.

Gina from An Unpink Life posted this poem in my comments yesterday and I wanted to share with you. The author is unknown.

My life is but a weaving
between my God and me
I shall not choose the colors He knows what they should be

For it's He that views that pattern upon the upper side
While I can see it only From this the under side

Sometimes he weaveth sorrow Which seemeth strange to me But I shall trust his judgement and weave on faithfully

For it's he that fill the shuttle He knows just what is best So I shall weave in earnest and leave with Him the rest

At last when life is ended, With him I shall abide Then I shall view the pattern Upon the upper side

Then I will know the reason Why Pain, With Joy entwined

Was woven in the fabric of Life that God designed.


Anonymous said...

Love it! and the picture goes perfectly with it! Have a fabulous Tuesday!

Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

I love this poem..because it is so true...You taught yourself how to knit..boy that is something else..especially since you started with a hard yarn to knit..I have quite a time using that kind..but look at you...

Michele said...

I soooo love this poem. I found your blog from Kim over at TCB. If it's ok with, I would like to add you to my blog favorites. Stop by and visit when you have time!

Hugz...and I will definitely add you into my prayers at night!


gina said...

I can't read this enough- and I love the pic- can't wait to see what you whip, err... KNIT up!!

Halfmoon Girl said...

That is a beautiful poem.

Melissa Lester said...

What beautiful thoughts and a beautiful image to accompany them. Congratulations on your feature on TCB. I hope it has given you a lift to know that even more people are stopping by, ready to lift you up in prayer.

A Stone Gatherer said...

So true! Thanks for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog from "Today's Creative Blog." When I read this poem, I wanted to share a quote I have in my home office that also applies:
Not until the loom is silent,
and the shuttles cease to fly,
Will the Lord unfold the canvas
and reveal the reasons why.
The dark threads are as needful
in the skillful weavers hand
As the threads of gold and silver
in the pattern He has planned.

I bought the above from an calligraphy artist at an art fair years ago. She calls it "Angels Wings." I thought you would enjoy it. I enjoy your blog.

Sincerely, Patti Hill from Livonia, Michigan