February 25, 2008

Any advice?????

To all of my dear bloggy friends who are raising or who have raised teenagers…HELP.

Do you have any wise parenting advice you can pass on? What works (worked) for you?


A Stone Gatherer said...

I have not advice because I'm not there yet, but I sure am looking forward tow what the other parents will say! We need all the help we can get!

Zaankali said...

Oh my goodness this is funny! I had one of the worst days yesterday with my teenager. I can't wait to see what others say. I think you may want the advice of someone whose teen is no longer a teen for the hindsight perspective. All I can say is PRAY HARD!

Annie said...

So far our troubles have been few with Bailey (14) and Amanda (17)... We try to talk to them openly and frequently.

Melanie said...

If you get any great idea's for us that are about to enter into that season of life..please post it~!!.

Enjoyed your blog!

the mother of this lot said...

Maybe I'm not the best person to offer advice! I've left you an award.

kelly said...

no advice sorry... my guys are still little, & i think my mother still thinks i'm a teenager. just cross your fingers, say a pray & hold on tight.

Carey said...

Oh, i could use this advise as well. My oldest just turned 13 a week ago. My advise is to always be honest and open minded, and remember that you were that age once. We really havent had any teenage issues that are concerning as of yet, but i always worry (and pray) about peer pressure.

Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

We did not have a lot of problems with our kids as teens. But with our last daughter she was the one who was going to rebel if any of them did. With her I would just try to be there when she needed me. She would always find me doing dishes and she would start talking. Oh I know she did not tell me everything but she did unload a lot. I would just keep washing and say yes or something like that while she talked. Then she would get up and walk away. I was just THERE!! I think that helped her just to vent a little knowing that I would listen. Keeping the lines of communication open are the most important thing. Also i found out that not to argue just let the rope out a little and they would soon figure out just how far i would let them go. It is or can be a rough time but you have to be open and like my friend says...Say little pray much.

Anonymous said...

I'll be eavesdropping on the answers, my eldest is 13 and a half...it's only just begun.

Rhonda said...

My husband and I have an 18 year old daughter, 16 year old son and 12 year old daughter. (And we are Youth Pastors.) Not that we are experts - we are always learning.)

Keep the communication open!!!! They need to know that you are their safest place to go to. Try to remember what it was like at their age.

Stay a part of their lives. Be in their world.

Be willing to apologize when you are wrong.

No computers in the bedroom. Your computer needs to be in an open and visible location. And parents are allowed to read msn anytime they choose.
(Our daughter had a friend over one time that turned the screen off on the computer when we walked into the room - we quickly let her know the 'house rules'.)

When friends come over, bedroom doors stay open. (Unless they are changing their clothes.)

Get to know their friends.

Do not allow sleepovers at a house of a friend that you do not know.

Encourage your kids to have their friends at your house. (minor inconvenience for peace of mind)

Be Purposeful in your parenting!!