January 20, 2008

We are all in this together!

It appears we are all under an arctic assault . It's 4 degrees this morning with a high of 14. The 7 day outlook is not much different. The cold air is here to stay. brrrrrrrr.

Bundle up, drink coffee and stay warm.
What are you doing to stay warm?

I'm Thinking warm fuzzy thoughts.


My Trendy Tykes said...

brrrr and I thought our 25 was cold!

I would be happy with upper 60's myself.


Annie said...

It's cold here too, I shivered all during church today. Came home to a ham in the oven baking with pineapples and brown sugar glaze... and baked potatoes and whole wheat rolls. It was enough to warm me up :o)
stay warm!

Anonymous said...

It's in the teens here. I really dislike being cold, so I am looking forward to a heat wave!

Melissa in Mel's World said...

If it is any consolation Hope it is in the 60's, chilly, and raining here in South Florida...does that help?

How are the kiddos? I think it is probably cold even where they are today.


Anonymous said...

Hi just checking out your blog, very cool. It was 7 degrees here today. COLD COLD COLD!! enjoying your posts, so I'll be back.,Nice to meet you:)
God Bless.

Halfmoon Girl said...

It is just about freezing here on the south west coast of Canada. Not bad compared my freezing Canadians to the east. Still it is nippy- but I love it. The sun is shining-usually we get a lot of rain, so to see the sun is wonderful for a change. We are off to somewhere warmer soon though...

Dakota said...

How are we keeping warm? We're pretending that it's a snow day like when we were kids and we're playing family board games! We started out with short ones, but since we know we're in for the long haul with these cold temps...we're going for the longer ones now! ha ha

Warm cookies from the oven make the house cozy and go greeaaatt with our family fun!

Monkey Giggles said...

Dakota, I wish I could be there to eat those cookies. I could bring the coffee.

Love ya