December 31, 2007


I am still cleaning and putting Christmas stuff away. This is what I get for putting up 12 Christmas trees. UGH!!!! Oh, it's so exciting putting them up BUT taking everything down and putting it away is a whole different story. Tugging out boxes, storage tubs, and packing my Christmas treasures is a pain. The final step is hauling boxes and trees to the barn for safe keeping -- UGH! (again) It's pretty bad when you find co-webs on your Christmas ornaments and in your trees! I think I will need to re-think next year. After all who likes to dust their Christmas trees .

Well, enough belly aching -- I am off to clean!

I want to wish all a Happy and Safe New Year!

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Annie said...

12 trees? really? YIKES!
I'm looking at mine feeling sad about taking it down, you have made me feel better :o)

Happy New Year!

2008 is gonna be GREAT!!!

Melissa in Mel's World said...

I start to take down my decorations tomorrow and I am SO not looking forward to it, so I can't imagine taking down all the trees that you have! Praying you get some of Kat's energy over at JustABeachKat.

Happy New Year Hope!

Jenny said...

My word! That's alot of trees! I bet your house is beautiful when it's all lit up. One good thing about having to haul all that stuff back out is that you work off all the extra calories you ate over the holiday ;)
Happy New Year!