October 17, 2007


Today was a perfect day for the UPS man to visit me!!!! I was feeling a bit frustrated....nothing seemed to go right.. I burnt breakfast....made the mac and cheese TO cheesey (how can that be) CoCo (the dog) ran across my cleaned mopped floor, with muddy paws. Mr. Licky (the cat) thought he would join in on the fun and run in with muddy paws. Zoey (the princess dog) rolled around in something to gross to describe. I threw them in the tub (not at the same time, I'm crazy but not that crazy) As I was giving them their bath the door bell rings. I thought, "Who in the world could this be?" "I wonder if they want 2 dogs and a cat.?" So, with wet, muddy hands , frazzled hair and no make-up on, I answered the door. "Good Afternoon Mrs. XXXXXXX , how is your day? My responses " YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW!!!"

Needless to say - I was excited to get this:
As I opened it I got even more excited:

Thank you so much Sue, you made my day!!!!

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Sheri said...

I'm so glad your special package brightened your day. Thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks especially for your prayers. The situation we were dealing with turned out in a very positive way. Praise the Lord. I felt like I had truly given control over to God in this situation (after months of worrying), and He totally took care of it. Thanks again for prayer for us!


Praise and Coffee said...

Yay!! I don't know how I missed this post last time I visited, I think one of the kids started hollering so I didn't get past the first one!!

I'm so thrilled that you won and that you like it!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Oh, that is so great. What a bright spot in your day. Our dog decided to eat Little M's dirty diaper the other day- on our beige rug. Gross is not a strong enough word.