October 13, 2007

Good Morning!!!

I have been working very hard stocking my new online shop. This is a new adventure and journey for me. I am trying very hard to get it up and running. I have a few more bugs to work out. My family has been so so patience with me. Hubby took the monkey's to swim class for me yesterday. When they left I have sitting to the same spot as when they returned 3 hours later. Oldest monkey says to me, " Have you moved mom?" Youngest monkey says, "Mom what if your bottom gets really really flat from sitting to much." UGH!!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm excited about your on-line shop! Did I miss the post about where we can look at all of it? Or have you not told us yet?

Just wondering.

P.S. I was a swimmer for 17 years! Swimmng is my fav!!

Praise and Coffee said...

Hey Girl...come check out my blog!!!!!

Pfingston said...

oooh - lol had to laugh at your kids comment about a flat bottom!