July 13, 2007


The Lord has given me such an abundant life. It is not perfect. It has not been without pain and sorrow. It is still abundant!!!!! He has given me a life that has triumphs over the circumstances! I have more because of the Lord...a deep, bubbling, unquenchable, satisfying, everlasting joy and peace. I thank the Lord for this. His Spirit fills my soul well to overflowing. He supplies the living water. It satisfies my thirst day after day.

With all that said...I wonder....could I still say that this if I was facing death. Could I still praise the Lord if I was fighting cancer . Could I......sitting here I wonder about myself. I wonder... what if the Lord calls me to carry the cross that said "cancer." "_________" (fill in the blank) Could I???? Read these stories here and here.

It is so easy to praise during the GOOD times!!!!

I am thinking of Job.....

In much thought/prayer today about myself and these others I am praying for.


My Trendy Tykes said...

When you get a chance....Check to see if you recvd the GOOD MAIL invite through email.

Talk soon!

Katja said...

Thank you for the great post, it really makes you think.

Annie said...

I think in times of crisis we cling to God so much more that praise is just natural. God is good, ALL the time!

erin said...

The story of Job is amazing, and yes it's so easy to praise in the good times. I think the stronger our faith the easier it will be to rely on Him and face something tragic.