July 11, 2007

144 LEFT!!!

Slow down girls...aka blogging buddies.

I started off this morning with HIGH expectation of myself. I was for sure I could get around to reading my 162 feeds I am behind . I was tempted to mark "all as read" ....and still am. I still have 144 feeds to go. What the heck have I been doing today!!!!!! I hate getting behind. The thought runs through my mind...."I might be missing something in bloggy world."
What is wrong with me. There has to be a disorder out there for a bloggy junkies!!! If not.. let's start one. Hey, would you...if you are reading this and you feel a little sorry for me....just post a comment on the good bloggy things going on.

On a serious note. As with everyday I went to Especially Heather's blog first thing. If you have not visited her. It is a must read!!!! Someone is in need . Go here to find out what I am talking about.


Anonymous said...

I'm constantly behind in my blog reading. I could read blogs all day long and still not catch up! ;-)

Tammy said...

I've been here a few times and thought I'd stop by and say hi...and now add to your zillions of blogs you need to go read- LOL
I know what you mean...I'm only mostly caught up now because my family is on vacation and I have the house to myself for a few days!
Blessings! (Come by when you can!)

Julie said...

I found you on Shawndra's site, which I found on Heather's site...It does sound like you have some kind of addiction!! smile
There ARE good things going on in blogging land -- evidence that people do care about each other - even if they have never met.

I only entered the 'land' six months ago and one of the wonderful ways it changed my life is that a girl cousin who is 10yrs younger than me - therefore we never got to know each other growing up, even though we live in the same town, have gotten to be really close because she invited me to join her in blogging land ---and the rest is history!!!

May you have a blessed day !!
And I give you permission to mark your 144 as 'read' and start over with a clean slate!!! smile