June 11, 2007


Think Elegance and I automatically picture the 1940's movie stars and society women who lunch. So where and how does this kind of elegance fit into our/my modern life? What is elegance, and how do you get it????

Could you imagine dressing like this everyday??

Heck, I count it a good "fashion day" if my shirt does not have bleach spots or food on it and if my shirt matches my pants it is an awesome "fashion day".


Praise and Coffee said...

I'm with you! A tee shirt with no holes or spots- woohoo!

I do love to be girly and dress up, but I'm much more comfy in a tshirt and tank top!

Diane Viere said...

You mean everyone doesn't dress like that everyday!!!

Happy Belated Anniversary!


Lisa Knight said...

I'm still not sure how they cleaned & cooked in dresses & heels??? No apron I've ever seen would cover me enough to even attempt it!!!

Love the picture & the "idea"!!!