May 2, 2007

Mountain Air

AHHHHH...the smell of mountain air. I thought people were crazy when they told me..."when you get there...smell the air" I thought, "What the heck...I smell air no less...-- all the time. BUT, really it smells different. It is words can not explain. Maybe someone out there who knows what I am talking about can do a better job than me.

The time away was a time to recharge my mind and soul.


MommyMommy said...

it is the lack of oxygen in the air, it makes you woozy at first. But after a while you can run circles around all the folks at sea level!

Pearls of Wisdom said...

Beautiful picture. I wish I was there right now..LOL

Angel Mama ():)

Praise and Coffee said...

OHHH! So beautiful!

Grandparents Corner said...

You said it beautifully! God's beautiful creation. I'm so happy you had this time away! Thanks for sharing!

My Trendy Tykes said...

beautiful photos!