April 26, 2007



While traveling around the blog world I found a couple contest you might want to consider.

Michele over at Gingham World is having a Mother's day give-away. There are lots of diddy's in the bag. Check it out and sign the Mr. Linky thingy. It's that simple.


The contest is sponsored by Madison's Room. She is having a give-away for the cutie thingy's above. Again just sign the Mr. Linky thingy and you are done.

HEY is the word "THINGY" really a word?


Mandalyn said...

Hi! I saw your post on Judi's blog and thought I would stop by for a visit. Honestly, I loved your blog name and that drew me to stop by! I also entered for the cute handbag that you posted! Wouldn't that be a great Mother's Day happy?!

Nice to meet you!! God Bless!

Amy said...

Hey-- just FYI, your link to Gingham World leads me to a page listing a bunch of PORN sites!!! I think there's a typo (blogspOOt) that's causing it. Thought you'd want to know! :)

Monkey Giggles said...

Amy, Thank you for bring my attention to this error.

I am so so sorry for my typo error. This error has been corrected. I will more careful. I had no idea. If you are reading this and I have offend you, I am so very sorry.

Amy said...

Please know I didn't leave the comment here because I was upset by it or wanted to embarass you... I just didn't know how else to contact you. I knew that wasn't something you wanted to link to. We've all bumped into those sites by mistake before... I just quickly hit the "back" button when it happened. No big deal! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. I love that cute pink bag. I'm headed there right now!