March 25, 2009

Ballas Hough Band

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I am personally not a fan of Dancing With the Stars. Sorry, don't hate me. However, my mother is a HUGE fan so I had heard about Mark Ballas and Derek Hough. What I didn't know about these two professional ballroom dancers is that they have been playing and making music together for more than a decade. While dancing their way to stardom, they both dreamed of a career in music. Along with drummer Harry Sullivan, pianist Emily Grace, and bassist Sam Marder, they formed the Ballas Hough Band. On March 10th the Ballas Hough Band released their debut CD, BHB. The majority of songs on BHB are originals, based on personal life experiences. The first single, “Do It For You,” was co-written by new American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi. The album also features collaborations with songwriters Dan Wilson, Kevin Kadish and Marty James.

I was not for sure what to expect, so when I popped in the CD one could say I was pleasantly surprised. The songs had me boppin in my chair most of the day. It's a CD you can listen to over n' over and not get tired of it. You know what I mean?

Ballas Hough Band Tracks

  1. Do You Love Me
  2. Devastated
  3. Closer
  4. She Was The One
  5. Longing For
  6. Birthday
  7. Fall
  8. Do It For You
  9. Breakthrough
  10. Together Faraway
  11. Underwater

Check them out on their video channel for an intimate sneak peek and follow the band on Facebook and MySpace for news and tour information! And don’t wait, buy yours today and enjoy this bands awesome sound. Can’t say enough good things about this CD you will love it!

Thanks to the One2One Network, I received a copy of the Ballas Hough Band CD to listen to and review.

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