July 20, 2008

Holy Snort

Funny little thing that happened yesterday.

Kids and I got caught in a really bad rain storm. The kind that looks like the heaven door opened and angels decided to pour buckets of water out. You know the kind.
our conversion

Me: "Let's wait a few minutes until it stops raining."

Boy Child: "You'll be okay mom, your not sugar"

Me: "No, we are going to wait just a few minutes." (I didn't want to mess up my fancy hair do)

Girl Child: "Mommy you would look beautiful no mater what" (the most positive child on earth)

Boy Child: "Okay, itsnot (all one word) raining.

Everyone: "SNOT" ewww gross.

Boy Child: "That would be really really cool if God made it rain snot. We could be all slimy.

Everyone: EWWWWW, GROSS"

Girl Child: If it was God's snot, It's Holy snot. ( most positive child on earth)

Me: laughing --- let's go ---- raining Holy snot or not.


Anonymous said...

I love it!! OMG You crack me up!! Great kids and with a good sense of humor:) (thats snot funny)lol

i'm kelly said...

that's awesome. what a crack up!

Carey said...

That was pretty funny!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Girls are just so different from boys!! We all know that but it is very very true!! You just saw it!! What a cute conversation!! Thanks for sharing it. Sandy

Mel's World said...

That is JUST too awesome!!! I Love it!


aline said...

your kids have a great sense of humor! funny and funny!

PamperingBeki said...

Bahahahaha!!! That is hysterical!!

Rhonda said...

Holy snot . . . if that is not the cutest thing I have heard!