February 3, 2008


Wow...what a week it has been and the comments are still trickling in.
I got a taste of what Shannon over at Rock In My Dryer goes through on a regular basis. But now...well, my youngest says it best.


cmwheeler said...

Oh - that is so stinkin' cute! My 3yr old wants to watch it over AND OVER!

Mel's World said...


That was AWESOME!!!

Tell your little guy he is amazing!

IF I could have talked my kids into singing they would have said the SAME thing! Great thing every once in awhile, but phew, I am glad it is OVER!!! (in love, of course).

Thanks for the giggle,

Praise and Coffee said...

That is great!!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! that is soooo adorable:) thanks for the smile today:)

Denise said...

THAT was tooooooooooo cute...